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Lakeview Valley - the murder RPG

Lakeview Valley - the murder RPG

WISHLIST THE GAME: Murder RPG set in the shady town of Lakeview Valley. See how you'll do as a new home owner in the Valley, where everyone seems to have a secret. Become the toast of the town or succumb to your dark desires. The choice is yours. But however you choose to play, beware... There is something evil lurking beneath the surface...

This wikia details information about games developed and published by Roope Tamminen including: the flash game Lakeview Cabin, as well as the sequels featured in the Lakeview Cabin Collection and the spiritual successor Lakeview Valley.

To play Lakeview Cabin now, see here. To play Lakeview Cabin Collection, it is available on Steam. To pre-order Lakeview Valley and/or add it to your wishlist, it is available on Steam.

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